Training Session | Product Launch

With a vast portfolio, we are constantly launching new products in different markets. So, we feel that we should share the scientific knowledge that we have with our local colleagues and support them with the key topics and selling proposition of each product.

With this mentality, we started the year with a training session for our colleagues from UAE, related to a new cardiology medicine that we will start selling on that market.

The meeting started with a brief introduction from our Global Director Sales & Marketing, Gagan Datta, regarding the aim of this training and giving an overview of the launch stage. Followed by our Senior Manager Medical, Joana Nunes, who has done a product presentation focusing on the therapeutical indication, mechanism of action, posology and administration, and clinical data.

With all UAE team present, our Marketing Specialist, Rita Luís, and our Digital & Project Manager, João César, presented the key topics and selling propositions of this specific product, and also the marketing materials that are available to support the sale.

We would like to thank you all that attend this training session and for any medical inquire please contact us through: [email protected]