Pharma Bavaria Int. further extends its partnership for Combofusiv™ (AFT’s innovative Paracetamol/Ibuprofen IV formulation) to Sub-Saharan African markets.

After Central America, the Caribbean and Latin America, Pharma Bavaria International is expanding the territory of its brand Combofusiv™ (AFT’s brand: Maxigesic® IV) to additional 38 markets in Sub-Saharan Africa by signing an extension to the license agreement with AFT Pharmaceuticals (NZ).

Combofusiv™/ (Paracetamol 1000mg + Ibuprofen 300mg solution for infusion) has been developed by AFT as patented, intravenous formulation, for use in post-operative pain management; also sparing opioids. Combofusiv™ provides significantly better pain relief than either Paracetamol IV or Ibuprofen IV alone in the same doses.

“Pharma Bavaria Int. has grown a strong position in pain management in several African markets during the past years. The introduction of Combofusiv™ comprises the next step in adding an innovative treatment option to some of our key markets. “Combofusiv™ is definitely a great add-on to one of our strongest brands: Parafusiv™ (Paracetamol IV)”, Pharma Bavaria’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Manuel Heim says: “We are very excited to extend our excellent collaboration with AFT to Africa, which is underlining our proven competence in the therapeutic area in these territories. With our strong presence in East and West Africa we are looking forward to a fast and successful market access.”

Gagan Datta, Pharma Bavaria’s Chief Commercial Officer added: “I am very delighted to introduce Combofusiv™ to our markets in Africa. This innovative formulation will give healthcare professionals a great new treatment option for successful pain management and will be of great value for the patients.”

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