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Pharma Bavaria International offers a variety of premium pharmaceutical brands, all with well-established active galenic presentations.



Cardiology & Haemostasis

Cold & Flu



Pain | CNS


Women’s Health Osteoporosis

Disclaimer* Brand names/trademarks might be subject to local/regional adaption. Indication for use might differ due to local requirements/registration. Indications given in this table are based on the respective underlying EU marketing authorizations.

Business Development

We promote the development of strategic partnerships that help us to ensure the Access to Quality Healthcare for patients in all parts of this world.

With a global mentality, Pharma Bavaria International works to strengthen the current partnerships and to develop new ones in more markets, to guarantee access to our portfolio.

We look for partners that share our work ethic and commitment to quality.

For new partnerships or interest in our portfolio:

Medical Information

Clinical and scientific information on our products is important for healthcare professionals to support clinical decisions.

Therefore, Pharma Bavaria International provides a Medical Information Service, which helps to clarify questions and gives up-to-date information related to our products, ensuring the best possible handling and safety for patients.

For all medical inquiries on Pharma Bavaria International products, please contact us at


Pharmacovigilance (PhV) aims to enhance patient safety in relation to the use of medicines, via identification, understanding, and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problem.

We work with pharmacovigilance covering the latest European guidelines and aligned with EU-GVP (Good Pharmacovigilance Practices), and support our international export markets with local and regional PhV systems.

For Pharma Bavaria International, continuous monitoring of the safety profile of our products via a globally integrated system is essential to ensure the best possible safety profile for the patients receiving our products.