Prien am Chiemsee. June, 5. 2018 – News/Media Press Release

Pharma Bavaria International GmbH is a German pharmaceutical company focused in the registration, distribution and promotion of high-quality pharmaceuticals with well-researched ingredients in 47 countries. Our vision of “Access to Quality Healthcare” is extended to the growth regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia and CIS countries, where we established operations.

However, and as other companies, due to the progress and broad spectrum of our operations and also growth of the company, we are subject to different external and harmful actions. In June 2018, Pharma Bavaria International GmbH experienced a serious intellectual property infringement, with a mimetic website attributed to the name of “Bavarian Pharma” and “”, an entity that doesn’t belong to Pharma Bavaria International group of companies, and that doesn’t exist as a legal company or a legal provider of health products or pharmaceuticals.

Pharma Bavaria International GmbH is in the process of investigating the full details of this cyber attack, namely at the level of acts of identity theft and fraud, but can inform that the mentioned website is directly using the information, locations and intellectual property elements of Pharma Bavaria International, with the objective of disseminating information and be recognized as Pharma Bavaria International GmbH as well as to supply products not belonging to our portfolio.

We can assure to our partners and clients that Pharma Bavaria International GmbH remains defending the access to quality healthcare, being the leading provider of highest European quality standard medicines and pharmaceutical brands in those markets where we are active.

To obtain more information, please contact Pharma Bavaria International support hotline for this number +49 (0) 8051 – 9619714  /  +351 214682905, or e-mail: [email protected].