Training Session | Cyprus

Another training session this year, this time for our partner in Cyprus‘ market regarding a hospital product in the cardiology area.

This training session had the objective to share the scientific knowledge that we have with our local colleagues and support them with the key topics of this specific product.

With a similar structure to the other training sessions that we performed, it started with a brief introduction from our Global Director Sales & Marketing, Gagan Data, followed by the product presentation and clinical data presented by Joana Nunes, our Senior Manager Medical. The Marketing strategy and the selling propositions were in charge of Rita Luís (Marketing Specialist) and João César (Digital&Project Manager).

To clarify any doubt that may arise during the presentation, we always have a final moment to answer questions – this training aims to ensure that every attendee leaves with a full understanding of the product and the sales strategy.

We would like to thank you all that attend this training session and for any medical inquire please contact us through: [email protected]

Cyprus Training